Tips Regarding Building Discus Fish Tank

Discus AquariumA nicely set-up and properly managed discus aquarium is actually a tremendous thing to see, seeing those flowing and strikingly delightful fish glide through the water one could quickly see how they are referred to as the kings of the aquarium. If you are showcasing these superb fish you have to care for them nicely so as to continue to keep their wonder and unique shades, hence making the effort to create the discus tank properly is vitally important.

Aquarium Size

Discus fish thrive in sizeable fish tanks with a lot of room to move around, so in general, your fish tank needs to be around 10-15 gallons per adult discus. Hence a 55 gallon tank should be the lowest size for six adult discus fish (ideally it needs to be 60, however 55 gallons is a common size for tanks).


These naturally pleasant but timid fish prefer a tranquil existence; they are accustomed to clean water and dark spacious area to move about in. Thus the discus aquarium ought to be located in a spacious area of the home outside of heat, direct sunlight, lots of movement and noise. Furthermore you want to keep the aquarium elevated as shadows being cast from above could be distressing for discus .

Water Conditions

Discus prefer water condition similar to their natural habitat, where water is normally soft and a little acidic, subsequently keeping track of fish tank water conditions is essential. The key aspects of tank water to monitor are the temperature, pH and softness. Discus prosper in water with a pH of between 5.5 and 7 and temperatures of between 77 and 86°F (25-30°C). Furthermore in order to keep a healthy discus, it is vital to clean the fish tank and change 25-30% of their water not less than once a week.

Aquarium Filters

Before adding discus fish to your fish tank you have to create nitrifiying bacteria colonies into the filtration system. This is significant as these are responsible for keeping ammonia and nitrate ranges controlled by consuming fish waste. So choosing the correct filtration system is important for keeping the nitrification amount of your water, for those who have a planted aquarium this can likewise aid to minimize the degree of toxic substances in the water. However repeated water changes remain required for preserving discus health

Discus Fish Tank Mates

Discus fish will require a good amount of space; hence not combining discus with territorial tank mates will go a considerable way to helping to keep happy and healthy discus. One of the recommended partners for discus could be a very striking fish called Tetra, there are many varieties of Tetra however I personally find Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras and Rummy Nose Tetras to help with making discus genuinely feel quite comfortable and secure as they help emulate their natural environment. Many different species of fish can also be suitable. It is beneficial to avoid any large or aggressive fish when building your discus aquarium for example freshwater angelfish; as they possibly can bully your discus and muscle them out at feeding time. Getting the proper tank set-up is probably the most important component of discus care and it is vital to have it correct first time mainly because it a serious pain and expense to switch it later.

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